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Delivering Strategic Solutions Under Time Constraints:

Frequently, clients present us with urgent demands for pump sets within extremely tight deadlines. In such cases, major manufacturers may be unable to offer assistance or propose alternative solutions. Faced with the imperative of avoiding costly downtime, our team is challenged to think creatively and explore other avenues to address these pressing needs. As an independent pump retailer, our point of difference lies in our in-depth technical knowledge across a multitude of brands, enabling us to identify innovative solutions that meet if not exceed, our clients' needs. This particular case study, in just one example of many.


To supply a high flow, high head fuel transfer pump and motor set in acceptable materials and power requirement in less than 12 weeks for a marine loading application.


All major manufacturers were unable to supply an adequate pump in less than 20 weeks.


Specialised Seals and Flow Solutions supplied a multistage pump in Ductile Iron construction coupled with a 110kw motor and fabricated galvanised base plate. The pump was air freighted in from Europe and the unit was assembled and tested in our QLD facility.

Product supplied included:

  • Standart SKM multistage centrifugal pump

  • Flexaseal single cartridge seals

  • TECO EXN 110kw motor

  • Wrapflex non sparking flexible coupling


Pump set delivered on time and on budget

This successful outcome was a result of careful planning and coordination among the project team. From the initial selection phase to the final installation, every step of the process was meticulously executed to ensure that the pump would meet the client's exact specifications. The team was also proactive in communicating openly with the client throughout the project, providing regular updates. As a result, the client was not only pleased with the timely and budget-friendly delivery of the pump, but also with the exceptional quality of the final product which is now running in full service.

Marine Loading Fuel Transfer Pump_Case Study
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Specialised Seals and Flow Solutions supply an extensive range of industrial pumps, mechanical seals, valves, and other fluid handling equipment. Our team works efficiently, leveraging our extensive market expertise to deliver outstanding results within the desired timeframe and budget.



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