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Mechanical Seal Support Systems and Condition Monitoring

Crucial for System Reliability

Choosing the correct mechanical seal support system for your application – whether liquid or gas, extreme temperatures, abrasives, or other volatile conditions – is crucial for system reliability. Mechanial Seal Support System designs can include barrier or buffer fluid reservoirs, filtration systems, heat exchangers, and/or gas panels.


Specialised Seals and Flow Solutions has the expertise to guide you in selecting the best mechanical seal support system for your sealing challenge.

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Lube Oil Systems

Maintaining your rotating equipment bearings and mechanical seals is critical to the success of your operation. Our MP600 Series Lube Oil Systems help you control the pressure and temperature of your lube oil and minimise the likelihood of equipment failure. Our circulating oil lubrication systems come in either a dual pump or single pump design.

Buffer Fluid Reservoir

The MP52 series aligns with API 682 Plans 52 and 53A. It supports liquid buffer fluid for a containment seal chamber that is at a lower pressure than the primary seal chamber.

Barrier Fluid Reservoir

The MP53 series aligns with API 682 Plans 53B and 53C by supplying a liquid barrier fluid to a dual seal assembly at a higher pressure than the seal chamber.

Primary Mechanical Seal Monitoring Systems

Primary Mechanical Seal Condition Monitoring piping plans are used to control the leakage from the primary mechanical seal faces and warn users when a primary seal failure has occurred.


PackRyt ORM Bearing System

The PackRyt® ORM bearing system provides additional bearing support to centralise and stabilise the rotating shaft in the stuffing box/seal chamber. This system also acts as a bushing to significantly reduce the amount of water or flush media going into the sealed product.

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