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Mechanical Seals
for Mixers, Agitators
and Centrifuges

Mechanical Seals Designed and Engineered to
Handle Demanding Operating Environments

There is no one universal seal for all mixer applications. Every mixer, agitator, and reactor model is distinctive and engineered for a specific application. Many of these applications require seals to perform in environments that would destroy common seals due to extreme drag and shear forces, abrasive materials, or other challenges. That means successful sealing requires clearly defining the type of equipment, the product, and the sealing conditions. Together with Flexaseal, we are capable of providing innovative solutions for your toughest challenges.



  • Space Limitations

  • Expensive Batch Products

  • Zero Emissions Restrictions

  • Equipment with High Run Out

  • System Shocks

  • Unique Barrier Fluid Requirements

  • Vacuum Services

  • Abrasives

  • Dry media

  • High Temperatures

  • High Pressures

  • Pressure Reversals


  • Two-piece split cartridge mechanical seal (Style 85)

  • Welded Bellows or Multi-spring designs

  • Single or Dual cartridges for easy installation

  • High run out capabilities

  • Zero emissions designs

  • Virtually any metallurgy, elastomer, and face combination for any application

  • Dry running or pressurized / non-pressurized alternatives

  • Barrier fluid options

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