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In the late 1970s, Flexaseal began with a singular goal — to revolutionise customer service in the Welded Metal Bellows mechanical seal market. Fast forward four decades, and Flexaseal stands as a world leader in mechanical seal innovation, technical prowess, and an unwavering commitment to solving complex sealing challenges.

Evolution of a Vision

Founded by Hank Slauson, Flexaseal has evolved far beyond its origins. The company's dedication to addressing intricate sealing problems has propelled it into a realm of technical advancements and expanded product lines, now featuring a diverse array of seal styles and solutions. Notably, Flexaseal proudly introduced the world's first fully split cartridge mechanical seal, showcasing its continuous pursuit of excellence.

The Flexaseal Metal Bellows Mechanical Seal Advantage

Amidst a plethora of mechanical seal options, Flexaseal distinguishes itself with an emphasis on metal bellows for four compelling reasons:

1. Weld Integrity

At the Williston, Vermont headquarters, Flexaseal meticulously craft the edge welded metal bellows sealing products from raw materials to completed units. The precision welding process, a cornerstone of their manufacturing, ensures the integrity of every bellows unit — a mission-critical aspect for their customers' success.

2. Superior Bellows Design

Flexaseal's edge welded metal bellows are not just problem solvers; they are problem avoiders. With inherently balanced designs that limit seal face loads, these bellows eliminate the need for dynamic elastomers, enhancing mechanical seal life. The use of high-alloy materials such as Hastelloy C-276 or Inconel 718 further ensures resistance to corrosion, erosion, and fractures.

3. Self-Cleaning Capabilities

The innovative Style RB, a rotating welded metal bellows product, excels in dirty applications, thanks to its self-cleaning capabilities. Unlike traditional designs where springs get clogged with debris, the rotating welded metal bellows design uses centrifugal force to expel particulates, maintaining optimal performance.

4. Application Versatility

The absence of dynamic elastomers in Flexaseal's welded metal bellows seals opens doors to unparalleled application versatility. From high-temperature environments in refineries to cryogenic services, their products, such as Style 53, 63, 66, Cryo, and the groundbreaking HPCSA, defy conventional pressure limitations, even in dirty fluid scenarios.

Pushing Boundaries

Flexaseal is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of welded metal bellows pressure limitations. The Style HPCSA, designed for very high process pressures in dirty environments, is a testament to our commitment to excellence. With a triple-ply bellows core, the HPCSA stands as the only super-high pressure welded metal bellows design in the markets we serve, rated up to an impressive 1,500 PSIG.

In conclusion, Flexaseal's journey from its founder's vision to its current standing as an industry leader showcases a relentless pursuit of excellence, a commitment to innovation, and a focus on addressing the evolving needs of their customers world-wide. Into the future, Flexaseal remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the mechanical seal market.

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Specialised Seals and Flow Solutions is proud to support the Flexaseal product line as the exclusive distributor in Australia.

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