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In the demanding world of slurry pumping, where abrasive materials and challenging conditions are the norm, reliability and efficiency are non-negotiable. The Rock Killer Crusher (RKC) Series sets a new standard for heavy-duty flushless slurry pump seals, designed to conquer the harshest applications in industries such as mining, mineral processing, and flue gas desulfurization.

The RKC Series Advantage: 

Engineered with ease of maintenance and operational efficiency in mind, the RKC Series stands out as a single cartridge slurry seal that operates seamlessly with zero external flushing. Offering four (4) configuration options, the RKC Series incorporates advanced features like reverse pressure capability, non-clogging multi-springs, rugged seal drive operation, and hydraulically balanced faces. These features collectively make the RKC Series seals a reliable solution for the toughest slurry challenges in various industries.

Design Features and Benefits: 

Let's delve into the key design features and benefits that make the RKC Series a game-changer in the slurry pump seal market:

Ease of Fitment and Maintenance:
  • Designed as a simple maintenance cartridge with compatibility for popular slurry pump conversion kits, ensuring easy fitment and simplified maintenance procedures.

Durability in Service:
  • Constructed with abrasion and corrosion-resistant materials to promote longevity in service, making the RKC Series seals ideal for prolonged use in challenging environments.

Flushless Sealing Capability:
  • Unique seal design, coupled with pump features, allows for single-face flushless sealing of slurries containing up to 60% solids by weight, showcasing versatility in handling varying slurry compositions.

Optimized Face Design:
  • Stationary face multi-spring design with isolated springs, ensuring durability and reliability by keeping springs away from the pumped media.

Efficient Heat Dissipation:
  • Large and open inner seal chamber that self-evacuates, preventing the packing in of materials and effectively dissipating heat during operation.

Adaptability for Special Circumstances:
  • For special circumstances, an outboard lip seal is installed, and Plan 62 grease or water quench is provided to lubricate the seal faces during dry-running pump cycles.


The RKC Series excels in sealing applications across various industries, including but not limited to:

  • Alumina Refining

  • Gold Mining

  • Hard Rock Mining

  • Coal Prep/Washing

  • Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD)

  • Ore Mining

  • Synthetic Rutile Plant

  • Pigment Plant

  • Industrial Processes

  • Aggregates

Configuration Options

The RKC Series offers four distinct configuration options to cater to different operational needs:

RKC Series Slurry Seal config. A
RKCS Version A
1. RKCS Version A

Integral Spring Shield is manufactured from a flexible and durable material to effectively shield the springs from debris and slurry during operation. Compatible with API 682 Plan 32. Flush connection optional.

RKC Slurry Seal Config. Version B
RKCS Version B
2. RKCS Version B (For grease-filled operation)

Addition of bolt-on lip seal assembly and two (2) additional O-rings. Compatible with API 682 Plan 32. Flush connection optional.

RKC Slurry Seal Config. C
RKCS Version C
3. RKCS Version C (Quench operation)

Fluid Guide Sleeve added to Version B to support the effective removal of debris during quench operation. Compatible with API 682 Plan 32. Flush connection optional.

RKC Slurry Seal Config. D
RKCS Version D
4. RKCD (Dual Seal)

A dual seal option designed for the most rigorous slurry processes. In addition to Version C’s Fluid Guide Sleeve, this option is engineered for optimum service when paired with either an API 682 Plan 53A buffer or API 682 Plan 54 barrier fluid seal support system.

Each configuration is tailored to meet specific challenges and industry requirements, ensuring versatility and reliability in a range of applications.

In conclusion, the Rock Killer Crusher (RKC) Series stands as a testament to innovation in mechanical seal technology, offering reliability, efficiency, and savings for the slurry pump seal market. Whether you're dealing with abrasive mining slurries or challenging industrial processes, the RKC Series is engineered to deliver optimal performance, making it a standout choice in the world of heavy-duty flushless slurry pump seals.


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