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Single Stationary
Welded Metal Bellows Cartridge Mechanical Seal with Circulation Gland

Mechanical Seal Style SB1

Strategic versatility

With common sleeves, glands, and seal parts for all designs, cartridge assembly is quick and fail-safe. Plus, it's easy to modify face material, metallurgy and elastomers. 

Single Stationary Welded Metal Bellows Cartridge Mechanical Seal with Circulation Gland - Style SB1


  • Part of Flexaseal’s integrated/platform single cartridge seal design;

  • Patented (Patent Number US 7,979,986) Plunger-Lock drive;

  • Easy cartridge installation;

  • Sleeve is isolated from product;

  • Stationary bellows design – maximizes face alignment;

  • Hydraulically balanced design;

  • Even face loading;

  • No dynamic elastomers;

  • Only two static O-rings – cost savings are substantial when perfluorelastomer are required;

  • Flush position maximizes face cooling;

  • Shrouded rotary seal ring for maximum face protection and reliable start-up;

  • Uniform 360° transfer of torque to the primary rotating face;

  • No pins to break or hang up;

  • Fits ANSI standard and big bore pumps;

  • Faces, metallurgies and elastomers are easily upgradeable;

  • Faces designed for optimum heat dissipation;

  • Metric sizes are available.

SB3 with Circulation, Vent & Drain Gland

  • All the benefits of the SB1 design plus vent and drain gland with throttle bushing

  • Pipe connections are made to different sizes to assure that correct piping plans are employed

  • Cost-effective 'upgrade'


Operating Conditions

Max Temp:  400°F (204°C)

Max Pressure:  300 PSI (20 bar)

Max Speed:  6000 FPM (30 m/sec)

Note: Max Temperature / pressure / speed indicate operating extremes independently and do not imply the seal will function at these extremes at the same time. Contact Specialised Seals if in doubt.

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