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Our Split Cartridge Mechanical Seal

Mechanical Seal Style 85

Fast, simple, reliable

The Style 85 Split Cartridge Mechanical Seal reduces downtime for challenging and time-consuming Installations.

  • Easy installation

  • Just two pieces are handled

  • Impeller can be adjusted without removing seal

  • Fully assembled and pressure tested at factory

  • Standard cartridge setting clips assures proper axial and radial alignment

Split Cartridge Mechanical Seal - Style 85


Flexaseal developed the Style 85 Split Cartridge Mechanical Seal to provide the easiest installation found anywhere in the world. After simply attaching two halves over the shaft, the seal mounts to the equipment like any other cartridge seal.

The Style 85 is the only split cartridge mechanical seal in the world in which just two pieces are handled, eliminating the need to touch sensitive lapped faces. Both sealing faces are secured safely in cartridge halves and cannot be cocked, chipped or scarred.

The design of the Style 85 is like no other on the market. While most split mechanical seals are mounted outside the stuffing box and are designed to function like an outside seal, the Style 85 was engineered as a true, fully split cartridge mechanical seal. It is a hydraulically balanced, stationary multi-spring design that is primarily mounted outside the stuffing box. These features allow the centrifugal force to keep the solids away from the seal faces while maintaining the ability to handle higher speeds, internal pressures and misalignment. No need to worry about solids, as the springs are protected and out of the product to eliminate clogging. The static shaft sleeve “o” ring is positioned outside of the stuffing box to assure a good sealing surface, even on worn packing sleeves!

In addition, the Style 85 is the only split cartridge mechanical seal that can be fully assembled and pressure tested at the factory. This ensures the sealing integrity of each seal completely before it is sent to the field.

The Flexaseal Style 85 Split Cartridge Mechanical Seal …Fast, Simple and Reliable!


Operating Conditions

Seal Size                               Temp                           Speed                         Pressure
1 3/4“-3” (45-75mm)            350ºF (175ºC)             3600 RPM                    250 PSI (17 bar)
3 1/8”-3 3/4” (80-95mm)      350ºF (175ºC)             1800 RPM                    200 PSI (14 bar)
3 7/8”-4 3/4“ (100-120mm)  350ºF (175ºC)             1800 RPM                    150 PSI (10 bar)
5” (125mm) and above        350ºF (175ºC)              875 RPM                      100 PSI (7 bar)

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