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End Suction Pumps

End Suction Pumps

And end suction pump features axial suction with the discharge at 90 degrees to the suction.

Style 40 Edge Welded Metal Bellows - Low Temperatures

End Suction Pumps

Specialised Seals and Flow Solutions offer a multitude of end suction pumps sourced from world-renowned manufacturers. With a variety of styles and sizes, we have the ideal solution for your application.

  • To international standards ISO2858, ISO 5199

  • ANSI B73.1

  • API 610

Typical Applications:

  • Any transfer or circulation of liquid. Handles clean or dirty liquids, and liquids with low viscosity

  • Solids handling

  • Slurries

  • Chemicals

An End Suction Pump features axial suction and a discharge outlet positioned at a 90-degree angle to the suction. Many designs incorporate a centerline discharge to adhere to global or regional standards.

This type of centrifugal pump can be either long-coupled (with a separate coupling and motor) or close-coupled, commonly known as a Monobloc, where the motor and pump are integrated into the same unit. Larger end-suction pumps often feature a dual volute in the casing to mitigate forces on the impeller, motor, shaft, and bearings.

It stands out as the most prevalent pump variety worldwide, characterised by straightforward construction and operation. Its applications span from handling minimal flows and pressures to managing substantial flows and moderate pressures. While typically a single-stage pump, some manufacturers offer multi-stage versions. Common materials employed in their construction include cast iron, bronze, and stainless steel.

Various impeller configurations exist, including enclosed radial flow (the most prevalent), semi-open, vortex, helical screw, disc rotor, and barske design impellers.

End suction pumps are commonly designed as back pull-out pumps with a spacer coupling, facilitating maintenance without disrupting the alignment with the motor. This design not only saves space but also eliminates the need for motor realignment.

Certain manufacturers offer tangential discharge pumps, known for higher efficiencies; for instance, some larger tangential discharge pumps boast 90% efficiency.

ITT Goulds, Pentair Southern Cross, TKL Hydrotitan, KSB, Flowserve SIHI, Blackmer System One, Griswold ANSI, Regent, Ebara, Lowara, Sulzer


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