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Heavy Duty Rotating Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal


For Medium Temperature and Dirty Critical Services

Discover the Flexaseal Style 53A cartridge seal, engineered to thrive in high-temperature or contaminated environments. Its rotating bellows feature self-cleaning capabilities, enhancing reliability in challenging conditions.

Choose from a variety of bellows materials tailored to your process and fluid requirements. Opt for Double Ply bellows designs to accommodate higher pressures.

Benefit from static elastomers strategically placed to eliminate O-ring abrasion and energized face hang-up.

Customize the Style 53A cartridge seal to fit your precise application needs. Explore API 682 Compliant options for added peace of mind.

Heavy Duty Rotating Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal

API 682 Arrangement 1Type B SealConfiguration 1CW-FL

  • Heavy duty cartridge design

  • Self-cleaning rotating bellows

  • Hydraulically balanced

  • Multi-point injection arrangement

  • Piloted gland to positively center seal assembly

  • Flush, quench, drain gland with 1/2″ NPT for process side and 3/8″ NPT for atmospheric side to help eliminate improper piping assembly

  • Carbon floating bushing

  • Metal-to-metal confined gland gasket

  • Double ply bellows designs available for higher pressures

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