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API Stationary and Rotating Heavy Duty Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal

API SEAL 63A and 66A

For Higher Temperature and Dirty Critical Services

Experience the durability and resilience of the Flexaseal Style 63A/66A cartridge seal, meticulously engineered to thrive in high-temperature or contaminated environments. The Style 63A boasts a stationary bellows unit, ideal for applications demanding higher shaft runout or large assembly tolerances, while the Style 66 features a rotating bellows unit, optimized for superior solids handling.

Equipped with standard Inconel 718 bellows units, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of temperatures and process fluids. Grafoil packing throughout enables operation at temperatures up to 800°F, while enhancing reliability by eliminating the need for a dynamic secondary sealing element.

Tailor the Style 63A/66A cartridge seal to suit your specific application requirements with our customizable options. Explore API 682 Compliant choices for added peace of mind.

API Stationary and Rotating Heavy Duty Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal

Easy cartridge seal installation of the Style 64 stationary high temperature bellows

  • Proven high performance nesting ripple bellows design

  • High temperature static grafoil packing throughout seal

  • Standard Inconel 718 Bellows units for wide temperature and process fluid compatibility

  • Low expansion alloy face retainer

  • Upgradable to API design specifications with piloted gland and metal-to-metal confined gland gasket which prevents blow out or extrusion of the gasket

  • Flush, quench and drain connections with a throttle bushing

  • Carbon floating bushing option available

  • API 682 Type C Arrangement 1 available

  • Double-ply bellows core available for higher pressure

Style 63 Features

  • Stationary design accommodates higher shaft-to-stuffing box misalignment. The stationary bellows design only flexes once during installation unlike a rotating design which flexes on every revolution. This reduces face movement and increases seal life.

  • Bronze steam deflector option available to provide quenching to the inside of the bellows to prevent coke buildup

Style 66 Features

  • Rotating bellows are self-cleaning by design

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