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API Heavy Duty Stationary Tandem Multi-Spring Double Cartridge Seal


For Critical Services Where Leakage Must be Completely Contained

The Flexaseal Style 79A tandem cartridge seal, meticulously engineered for resilience and longevity, ensuring total containment of leakage and emissions in critical service environments. Key design features include retained faces to accommodate both pressurized and unpressurized barrier systems, a stationary design for optimal runout compensation, and a pilot gland for precise centering of the seal.

With its adaptable nature, the Style 79A cartridge seal can be tailored to suit your exact application needs, offering unmatched customisation possibilities. Plus, rest assured knowing that API 682 Compliant variants are readily available for seamless integration.

API Heavy Duty Stationary Tandem Multi-Spring Double Cartridge Seal

Incorporated pumping ring improves the movement – and the cooling effect – of the barrier fluid during operation

  • Tandem design maintains product and barrier fluid on O.D. of both seals for increased safety and heat dissipation

  • A tangential connection maximizes the flow of barrier fluid

  • Can be operated in pressurized or non-pressurized state configurations

  • Springs are located out of the product

  • Double balanced inboard face allows for reverse pressures in upset conditions

  • Easy to install cartridge design

  • Metric and ANSI Sizes Available

  • Can be easily adapted to satisfy high pressure applications or in cases of extreme run out

  • Retained faces eliminate troublesome drive pins

  • Hydraulically balanced design

  • API 682 Type A Tandem Arrangement 2 and 3 available

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