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Why the Style VTSE?

  • Simple installation with insertion of O-ring mounted inboard mating ring at the bottom of the stuffing box, followed by a fully integrated cartridge outboard assembly.

  • A shrink-fit inboard rotating face arrangement evenly distributes the torque, eliminating the need for failure prone drive pins.

  • Common misalignment issues solved with inboard primary face assembly captured in the outboard cartridge.

  • The close-clearance inboard mating ring face inhibits slurry ingress to the seal, resulting in longer life in service.

  • Limited number of components are wetted, reducing the need for specialty metallurgy.

Equipment Including

  • Goulds (or equivalent)

  • DiscFlo

  • Durco (or equivalent)

Restrict Flush Water Consumption

Optional addition of Flex-A-Flo device to Barrier Fluid Outlet port can reduce water flush rates by up to 90% on Plan 54 flushes run from pressurised plant water.

 ANSI Tandem Solids Excluding Slurry Seal
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