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Kelly Parker

Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Horizontal Split Case Pumps

A split-case pump features two internal inlets to the impeller, known as double suction, and is supported between bearings. The pump casings are split axially, facilitating easier access to the interior components without disrupting the drive.

Style 40 Edge Welded Metal Bellows - Low Temperatures

Horizontal Split Case Pumps

Horizontal Split Case Pumps excel in scenarios requiring high flow rates and moderate to high head. From water supply systems and industrial processes to HVAC and municipal projects, these pumps deliver consistent and powerful performance. The horizontally split casing allows for easier access and maintenance. With two symmetrical suction and discharge openings, these pumps ensure balanced hydraulic forces, enhancing reliability.

Pentair, TKL Supertitan, Southern Cross Centurion, KSB, ITT Goulds, Ebara


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