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Internal Gear Pumps

Internal Gear Pumps

Internal Gear Pumps utilise interlocking gears to deliver a steady and consistent flow, making them ideal for applications demanding accuracy. Quiet and efficient operation, robust and low maintenance in design and compact in size.

Internal Gear Pumps

Internal Gear Pumps

Internal Gear Pumps are at the forefront of reliable and versatile pumping solutions, engineered to meet the diverse needs of industries spanning from oil and gas to food and beverage.

Key Features:

  • Precision Engineering: Internal Gear Pumps operate on the principle of two interlocking gears, ensuring precise and consistent fluid transfer. This design minimizes pulsation, providing a steady flow ideal for applications requiring accuracy.

  • Wide Fluid Compatibility: Versatility is a hallmark of Internal Gear Pumps. From thin liquids to high-viscosity substances, these pumps excel across a spectrum of fluids, making them indispensable for various industrial processes.

  • Quiet and Efficient Operation: Experience a quiet and efficient pumping process with Internal Gear Pumps. The design minimizes noise and vibration, creating a conducive working environment while maintaining high performance.

  • Reliable and Low Maintenance: Engineered for durability, Internal Gear Pumps boast a robust construction that translates into reliability and minimal maintenance requirements. This reliability ensures consistent performance and reduces downtime.

  • Compact Design: Maximize space efficiency with the compact design of Internal Gear Pumps. Ideal for installations with limited space, these pumps offer powerful performance without compromising on footprint.

Applications: Internal Gear Pumps find application in a myriad of industries with typical applications including bitumen transfer and injection, lube oil plants, oil transfer, viscous media transfer. Their ability to handle a broad range of viscosities and deliver precise flows makes them essential for tasks ranging from lubrication to the transfer of specialty chemicals.

Ebsray MD & HD Series, PSG Ebsray Z Series, Viking, Tuthill, Envirogear / MAAG


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